देना गै जिं’दी फितरत ऐ


में धारें गी
जोरियै आल दित्ती
ओह् केईं गुणा बधियै
सरीली ते सजरी होइयै
परतोई आई

शायद धारें दा
एह् सनेहा लेइयै आई
जे ओह् लैने कोला ज्यादा
देने च यकीन करदियां न ।

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Ashok Angurana
Mr. Ashok Angurana who is an ex-civil servant took to dogri poetry writing only after retirement. Before retirement he had published a collection of his poems in Hindustani under the title (Waqt Pe Khudi Lakieren). In the year 2019, his collection of Dogri poems came out with the title (Mokla Gass Uchchi Doari). Mr. Ashok Angurana was born and educated at Jammu right from KG to PG, so he is a real son of ‘Duggar Desh’ deeply rooted in its life and cultural ethos. He is deeply interested in the promotion and advancement of languages, arts and culture particularly local and regional. He feels that poetry is not only an expression of one’s deepest and subtlest emotions and thoughts but also a medium of highlighting and bringing to the fore social issues facing the common man. His poems are mostly a reflection of that. He is also fond of travelling and diverse reading.


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