Reflection [Translated In English by Suman K. Sharma]

LAKE PETERS, ARCTIC NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE, ALASKA - AUGUST, 2004: An extremely rare, calm day brings almost perfect reflections to the surface of Lake Peters in Alaksa's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Located on the north slope of the Brooks Range, this area just south of the Arctic Ocean is known for its windy conditions.



Original Dogri poetry is available here


My own mirror perhaps

Finds me a stranger still –

Lost for centuries as I am

In the quest of self.

These my eyes await

A closer look at me –

I haven’t yet assembled

My disarrayed me, may be.


My eyes haven’t yet melted

With my bosom’s warmth;

And there’s time yet to read

The frowns of deep anguish.

Void yet is my heart

Of the ecstasy of pain;

I am far away still

From my home unknown.


My path-way lies still asleep

And the home is yet to awake

Neither has the next mark inched

Nor have I taken a step ahead.

How can I then rate the wings

Of my soaring desires –

I have yet to size up

The shadow I cast on earth.


I haven’t yet capped

My heady desires, and

Perched on a support still

Remains my vaulting ambition.

I have to reckon still

The wherewithal of construction –

Yet to be built

Is the dream of my mansion.


The blank pages of my brain

I am still turning over;

From the sowing of my thoughts

My songs of mind are yet to flower

Of the she’rs and ghazals

I have yet to get a feel

In the lap of Mother of Muse

I am but gathering mere words.


Open, O Begana, open a wee bit

The Book of Happenstances, for me

To inscribe the unfulfilled ambitions

Of my unstoppable pen  in it.

For I ‘ve yet to erase

The Imperative of Death

And to imprint on it

The Initials of Life instead.



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